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Dogs play numerous roles in our human lives. One of its roles is to help with developing bonds within a family - strengthening existing relationships and building new bonds.

Kiwi is a mixed breed who was captured as a pup together with her siblings, mother and pack dogs. They were subsequently released from the pound to the TRTL kennels. 

When she was adopted, her human family was newly reconstituted, and Kiwi quickly found her role in family therapy. Even though she is not a trained therapy dog, her presence and character helped the blended family adjust quickly to new relationship dynamics.

Kiwi eats with the family at the table. She is a member of the family and she eats straight from pots, plates, forks and spoons of her human kins. She has developed a sophisticated palate. she dislikes kibbles and hardly eats them. Instead she has home-cooked meals specially prepared from non-frozen meats. Kiwi doesn't like chicken, vegetables or rice. She mainly has beef and pork and occasionally eats salmon. 

Kiwi is alone in the house while her humans goes to work and school.  She is very obedient and even though she has free run of the house, she never messes up the home. And she doesn't steal food from the table. She goes for walks twice a day and will ask to go for a walk if she needs to.  Once she really needed to go but there wasn't anyone at home. She did it in the service yard and covered it with a floor mat.  She is so considerate.  

Kiwi's humans tried to give her a bed to sleep on but she prefers to sleep on the couch at night. But she would not go up the couch if there are humans around; only when invited. She often plays on her human siblings' beds and will occasionally take naps there. 

She knows who is the alpha in the family and makes sure she jumps off the couch and the beds when they approach.  And she stays clear of their bed.

More of her character:

Kiwi has her own toys which she would nibble, bring to show affection and play catch with. She may be sinister and she will do tricks or use her toys to exchange for treats.

Kiwi prefers solitude, perhaps due to losing a bit of her tail when young. Now at about 5, she likes to dominate dogs of pedigree breeds from related human families. She also has a good friend - a large male Samoyed-poodle mix about the same age from the neighbourhood, which she would face-off in a coquettish manner. Like any young lady with a strong crush on a boy, she looks out for him on her walks and goes to places where he has left his scent.

After dinner, when her human siblings go to their rooms,  she would typically lie outside. She will growl at them when they walk in and out of their rooms. She will also bark at them if she senses aggressive movements like standing up abruptly or pretending to hit each other.  She's like a disciplinarian to them. 

Kiwi looks forward to going out in the weekends. Kiwi will make excited puppy noises along the way likes to dog runs. She is always in a dilemma: to socialise and play with other dogs or to protect her masters at dog runs. She usually chooses to do her duty and stay close to her humans and has to be told to go to other dogs.

Kiwi goes to the groomer once in while to get her hair cut and trim her nails.  She hates having her nails trimmed. She will tolerate taking a bath, but seems to enjoy being fresh and cleaned. 

She loves her human siblings and mopes for them when they go away.  She will look around anxiously for them on her walks and get excited when she sees stranger's who looks like them.